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Sooji ka Halwa ( Semolina Halva ) & Awards

Sooji ka Halwa ( Semolina Halva ) ... The word 'Halva' comes from the Arabic word 'Halwa' ; meaning sweet or candy. Semolina Halva is made from semolina, ghee and sugar, garnished with dried fruits and nuts. It is an easy & quick dessert.'Halwa Puri Cholay' is Pakistani Traditional Breakfast. It is also prepared on special Islamic occasions; sometimes served with Naan. Enjoy it with Puris, Naan or just with a spoon :)


Sooji ka Halwa ( Semolina Halva )

* Prep. Time : 5 minutes
* Cook Time : 10 minutes
* Serves : 10 - 12

Ingredients :
  • 1/2 cup ghee (clarified butter)
  • 1 cup semolina
  • 1 1/2 cups sugar (according to taste)
  • 3 cups water
  • Pinch of saffron strands ( soaked in 1 tbsp. hot milk) / yellow or red food color
  • 1/2 cup mixed dry fruits { Almonds / Pistachio ( blanched & sliced ) + Raisins + Coconut ( thinly sliced )}
  • 4-5 green cardamoms ( seeds only )
Method :
  • Heat 2 tbsp of ghee in a wide pan or wok.
  • Add semolina and fry on low heat until it turns golden in color and gives a nice aroma of roasting semolina.
  • Remove from the pan and keep aside.
  • Heat remaining ghee in the same pan, add cardamom seeds & fry for few seconds.
  • Add sugar, soaked saffron / food color & water and cook on medium heat until sugar is dissolved.
  • Add half quantity of the nuts; cook for 2-3 minutes.
  • Add semolina and cook, stirring frequently, for 4 -5 minutes ( make sure there are no lumps ).
  • When the mixture starts to become thick and begins to come off the pan, take it out in a serving platter.
  • Garnish with remaining nuts. Serve hot.

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    I would like to thank Vimitha of My Culinary Trial Room... for sharing these awards with me. Please check her lovely blog for great recipes and ideas. Many thanks Vimitha once again!

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    I completely forgot this participation award given by Priya of NOW SERVING for participating in the event Crazy For Cakes. Thank you Priya :)

    Last, but not the least, I am really glad to share that few days back, my Crispy Potato Sticks recipe was featured on Savory Sunday. I would like to thank Amanda of The Sweet Details for picking my recipe :)

    Thank you for stopping by. Hope you enjoy the recipe!!!


    1. congrats on all ur achievements.............nd im drooling over those halwa........grt......

    2. Thank you Sameeja for your lovely comment. That was really quick :)

    3. Congratulations on all your awards, halwa looks very delicious with oozing ghee on top.

    4. Congrats on your awards Ambreen...I love my mom's halwa poori..your post has brought back those memories.

    5. thank you for your Awards...

    6. Thank you so much Ayeesha. Really glad to hear from you :)

      Thank you Raji. So sweet of you :)

      You're welcome, Aarthi :)

    7. MOuthwatering this halwa anytime,congrats on ur awards Ambreen,well deserved dear..

    8. congrats Ambreen..delectable dish to celeb the lovely awards...:)
      keep rocking..

      Tasty Appetite

    9. Congrats on your award Ambreen.. Its a perfect post to celebrate for your accolade.

    10. Looks fantastic & soft & fudgy!!!
      Prathima Rao
      Prats Corner

    11. this is an awesome recipe.... thanks for the award....

    12. Your Halwa looks fantastic! A huge congrats on your lovely awards and thank you so much for passing them on to me!

    13. Love the halwa anytime. simply finger licking and congrats on all your awards.

    14. congrats on your achievements dear. Keep rocking like this... Nice and delectable halwa

      Hamaree Rasoi

    15. yummy yum semolina it always..
      congrats on your awards and thanx for sharing those valuable awards with me :-)

    16. Yummy is the word for this platter ~ tempting and my mouth is watering :D
      US Masala

    17. congratulations on the awards dear and thanks a ton for passing these to me. you have one lovely space here and the halwa looks so mouth watering.

    18. Delicious halwa and congrats on your achievements...

    19. Congrats on your awards dear..halwa looks divine,love it

    20. oh thank you very much for the awards!! i'm honored!

    21. Congrats on your achievements dear....lovely halwa...

    22. Hi Ambreen ..nice name, I like it.. wow ! I just knew you and I am already receiving awards from you. I don’t think its because I am so nice or such a great chef….its simply because you are such a nice lady... and a great chef too :)
      thanks for your kindest thoughts and I wish you all the best always in your cooking and blogging activities. Am hopeful we will become great cyber friends in the virtual world..
      By the way, which one is the award that I am supposed to collect// I already copied the photo and recipe of the halwa.
      I also copied the awards, but I don’t know which one is for me., cos there are so many and am not used to it. Ha ha, just to be sure…
      I will collect my award first, but will do the giveaways at a later date- will keep you notified.

    23. This sounds like such a sweet treat!

    24. Delicious halwa and congrats on your achievements...

    25. Thank you for linking this delicious halwa with Any One can Cook :)

    26. Thanks a ton for the awards Ambreen !. Will surely pass it on in my next post.
      Thanks again.

    27. Sweet Birdie Blue, Divya.M, Faith, Julie, Sayantani, Amanda & Rinku : You're more than welcome :)

      Thanks a lot Priya, Jay, Sunanda, Prathibha, Prathima, Radhika, Deepa, Aipi, Treat and Trick, Suja, Reshmi, Peggy & Divya for your sweet notes :)

      Maznah (cooking varieties), I'm absolutely flattered of your words. Thank you so much dear for the compliments. I'm not an expert, just an everyday cook. You are doing good stuff, so much better than me. And you are more than welcome to collect all these awards. Hope you enjoy the recipe if you give it a try :)

      Ayeeha, It is always a pleasure linking to your event :)

    28. hey ambreen fist a hearty congrats on the potato sticks being featured in Savoury Sunday and on all other awards too- keep rocking gal & the sooji halwa looks delish!!!

    29. First, congrats again on your accolades. Shows how loved and popular you are! :)

      I never knew making halwa is so simple and easy. I keep bookmarking a lot of your recipes, not sure when I'll get the time to make all of them...!

    30. very nice,congrats on having lots of awards :)

    31. Thank you so much Vardhini for liking it :)

      Thanks a lot Priya for your wonderful comment & the warm wishes. I was quite excited about my recipe being featured :)

      Thank you Nashira for being so encouraging. You've bookmarked my recipes? Oh dear, what a huge compliment that is! Let me know how they turned out if you give them a try :)

      Thank you Khadija for the warm wishes :)

    32. Oh wow! Looks super delicious :)

    33. Congrats on your awards shower Anbreen!

      Halwa looks yummy! Eating it with puris and nan's is uncommon in our place,but with a spoon,i can finish that entire plate! ;)

    34. hi ambreen, before i have the chance to take a break and notify you...i got another query on the awards. anyway this is a unique one, i do the giveaway in stages..and i let them choose..its so full of fun.
      come over and put comments today, also tomorrow another one...thanks to you.take care

    35. Thank you so much Madhu for your kind words :)

      Thanks Mahi for the nice words. You should give it a try with Puri or Naan, we love this sweet & savory combination :)

      Thank you Maznah for letting me know. I'll check this :)

    36. I lovee sooji ka halwaaa :D Yours looks yummmm

    37. Dear Ambreen, I have been reading your recipe posts and they look simply delicious. I think you are a wonderful cook. They look so flavorful, fresh and healthy. Thank you for your visits to my blog and for the kind comments. I really look forward and appreciate it. Blessings, Catherine

    38. Thank you thekitchenaffaire for stopping by & your nice comment :)

      Thank you so much Catherine to give such encouraging words ... coming from you it's a great compliment. Thanks once again :)

    39. Congrautlatios Ambreen and thank you so much for passing the awards on to me!!! You made my day when I heard this (I apologize for not responding sooner)!
      This halva sounds and looks wonderful. I have never tasted it before but I bet it is just the best! :)
      Thank you so much again for the awards! I hope you have a very lovely weekend!


    40. Thank you Tammy for visiting me and for your sweet note :)

    41. Congratulations Ambreen.. That is a huge milestone.. and ofcourse sooji halwa looks so tempting..

    42. Sooji Halwa looking yummy and mouth watering.


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