Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Honey Nuts Stuffed Dates ... Starting A New Chapter In My Life

Dear friends! This might be my last post here as I will be away from blogging for a while. Not sure, if I'll be back again or not!

In a couple of weeks, a new chapter in my life is about to begin. New place, new relations, new responsibilities! I'm going through lots of emotions at the moment ... happy, worried, excited, scared and nervous about this special day of my life. I am hoping, in sha' Allah ( by the grace of Allah ), this new life will be filled with love, laughter, happiness and respect.

Thank you all for joining me on this magical journey of blogging. I will never forget the love and affection you gave me. Thank you so much to all my friends / fellow bloggers, readers / followers / subscribers of Simply Sweet 'n Savory ... for making these past three years of my life, so special. I seek your wishes and blessings on this special occasion :)

Honey Nuts Stuffed Dates ... Simply made by stuffing fresh dates with a mixture of nuts and honey; and dipping them in melted chocolate. These little bites are perfect as a healthy snack or as a sweet treat to end the meal. These will also be good at Iftar, for breaking the fast in Ramadan.

Honey Nuts Stuffed Dates
Makes : 10 - 12

Ingredients :
  • 1/8 cup almonds, pistachios, walnuts; etc.
  • 1 tsp.  honey, or as needed
  • 10 - 12 fresh soft dates
  • Dark and milk chocolate, chopped

    Method :
    • Coarsely chop the nuts. In a small bowl, combine the nuts with enough honey; just to hold together.
    • Make a slit in each date lengthwise and remove the pit. Stuff the dates with the nut mixture. Keep aside.
    • Melt the chocolate in a double-boiler or in a microwave until melted and smooth.
    • Dip each stuffed date into melted chocolate with a fork or spoon until fully coated, shake off excess chocolate.
    • Place dates on on a wax paper or foil lined baking sheet / plate. Chill until chocolate sets, then drizzle melted milk chocolate over the top.
    • Serve at room temperature or refrigerate until needed.

    Note :  
    • All these amounts are approximate, adjust accordingly.

    Recipe Source : adapted from Culinate

    Thank you for stopping by. Hope you enjoy the recipe!!!


    1. Congrats ! Have a great new and happy journey ahead !

    2. wow!!! wow!! awesome pictures dear!! luk so yumm and delicious!

    3. Hi Ambreen,
      Sending all my good wishes your way.May God shower his blessings on you both.
      Will miss you dear.

      Awesome stuffed dates looks really fancy and well made.

    4. Dear Ambreen I wish to you your new life to be everything you are dreaming and feel happy and fulfilled forever. The day you are marrying is my birthday also. I hope you will be able to return to blogging at some point! take care my friend!

      1. Thank you Katerina, now we both will celebrate our big day on same date :)

    5. Wish you all the best for your new life. May your new life be filled with all the happiness aameen. Thank you for sharing all these lovely recipes with us...will be waiting for your return in the blogging world (inshallah). Take care :)

    6. Congrats Ambree. on the new chapter.Hope its as sweet and lovely as this post!

    7. Asalamo alaikum,
      Lots of prayers for the time coming ahead for you,in sha Allah it will be filled with happiness,love and success.i will surely miss you and your posts and support ,JazakAllah.
      Will look forward when you come back insh Allah!!!
      Take care

    8. Looks so yummy and perfectly made
      Congrats dear, wish you all the very best and a happy wonderful life..

    9. I would put these in a box and give it to someone special, this is such a lovely dessert :D

      Choc Chip Uru

    10. oh my God Ambreen! Mubarak ho bhoth bhoth!
      I'm so so sooooo happy for you! May your new life be filled with infinite happiness, love, Imaan, and health!
      Please don't take too long to return to us readers! I will be awaiting your return! :)

    11. this is a must have in our fridge. dates with nut and choc is heaven in ur mouth..

    12. All the best for your future endeavors dear. Amazing recipe.

    13. MaShaAllah Ambreen... BarakAllah feek, dear... wishing u a very happy married life... please make sure to pray sincerely and attend to your marriage expecting Allah's blessings always, InShaAllah, He will make it good for you... :) And definitely want to see you back into blogging with ur hubby's permission for sure, InShaAllah... :)

      1. Thank you so much Zubaida, Princy, Madiha, Suja, Uru, Henna, Suhaina, My attempt at The Julie/Julia project, Rafeeda for your warm wishes. I'll miss you all :(

    14. MashAllah Ambreen wish you a happy married life.. But seriously I am going to miss you a lot.. let me tell you your blog was the first affection for me.. I dot know you personally but seriously i have found you a brilliant lady. I am sure you will handle all responsibilities and relations with a great care and love.. Still i will wait for you here on this blog :) hoping for your return in this life too.. May Allah prosper your marriage life with full of happiness and joys.. Miss you so much.. tears :'(
      Love you Monu Hugs kisses ~ :*

    15. Congrats Ambreen, my best wishes to you and your future better half.. Honey nuts stuffed dates looks absolutely stunning.

    16. This looks it!!! Congrats dear, wishing you a very happy married life!!

    17. Nice one! Congrats and hope your new life will bring you lots of love and happiness. May God Bless you with all the good things in life. Hoping to see you blog again ..

    18. I'm so happy to know this news. All the good prayers for your new life ahead! :)
      And this Dates are perfect treat for your all love ones around. Hope to see you SOON! Will miss you! ;(

      Lots of Wishes,
      Sadaf F K. :)

      1. Thank you so much MonuTeena, Priya, Sony, Shobha, Sadaf. You all are really sweet :)

    19. Assalamualaikum wa Rahmatullah Ambreen.

      Many best wishes from me for the new commitment you are making. May Allah give you success and happiness and everlasting peace.

    20. Best wishes dear.. and fr sure it wont be ur last post. Hopefully ur hubby will be cooperative in this matter in sha Allah :)

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      Hopefully hearing from you soon,

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    22. We wish you best of luck dearie. Stay blessed. Ameen .

    23. Salaam!
      I have found your blog to be such a haven of great recipes that it is sad to see you go. I hope you return. And congratulations on your new found happiness. May Allah bless you with every prosperity imaginable In shaa Allah!

    24. Me parece muy rico se ve estupendo,abrazos

    25. Very unique! I loved the idea! Thank for sharing such a lovely recipe :)

    26. Wow! These look amazing.

      You will be sorely missed Ambreen and I really wish and pray that you will be able to squeeze in the blog in your newly found exciting new life...even if you happen to blog once in a while. God willing...

      All the best my dear and may God be with you always. Take care.

    27. Salaams. Congratulations, hope all went well! Came across your site on My Ninja Naan. Always on the lookout for fellow Muslim bloggers to follow :)

    28. É Páscoa! Cristo está vivo, o túmulo está vazio, Ele ressuscitou!!! A mais bela festa dos Cristãos.
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      Todos somos promotores da Paz!
      Feliz, Santa e Abençoada Páscoa.

    29. ✿⊱°•
      Bonito e delicioso!
      Que Deus ilumine seu caminho e que você seja muito feliz.


      P░Á░S░C░O░A !!!

      1. Thank you so much my dear friends. I'm missing you all. Lots of love :)

    30. Oh my sweet friend.. I was missing you so checked the blog & saw this update! Lucky you! wish you loads & tons of goodness & happiness my dear.. inshaAllah the new life will be amazing & joyous..

    31. Congrats wishing you all the best in the start of a new chapter in your life... Hope you can be back with us soon....Naz

    32. Hey I saw ur post just today, wishing u a very happy married life. Look forward to see u back in action dear....


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